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B2C E-commerce Solutions

B2C Ecommerce solution, an eMerchandize chain to engage customer and put through enhanced buying and selling experience. B2C ecommerce is a pitched market to connect shoppers or consumers across channels. This B2C ecommerce platform requisite a fast paced enterprise solution and innovation technology to deliver the right solution and services to customer even more successful.

B2C ecommerce is “On Demand Solution” for online retailers, consumers and businesses; it’s a platform which includes cross functionality, robust technology, commerce products and digital strategy to unify customer`s need. This system empowers business users, sustain customer, exquisite delivery and accelerate with time.

E-commerce has greatly simplified the process of booking tickets for travel and movies, saving purchasers time and becoming more sophisticated in the way its handles transactions. E-commerce will continue to grow exponentially in the near feature as consumers gain greater access to the internet and increasingly realise the many advantages of online shopping.

Web Synergies offer tailor-made B2C Ecommerce Solutions designed for the retail chains stores. We has both the expertise and the experience to deliver what customer needs. We understand online marketplace right from beginning to end including ecommerce design, product management, order fulfillment, secure shopping cart and inventory management.

Our B2C ecommerce solution enfolds multivariate features:

  • Ecommerce Consulting to understand client`s business objective and customer centric features
  • Accelerate Web enabled application to build, manage and publish context
  • Execute product merchandising, reduce operational cost and commerce functionality
  • Higher Conversions and profitable ROI by ease of delivery and shopping experience
  • Multi-channel experience – Online, socially or on mobile devices
  • Simplified product management and ordering process by integrating ERP or CRM databases
  • Expanded digital instances for greater sales and productivity
  • Integrate web marketing and analytics to track e-transitions
Business-to-Business (B2B) Commerce

Benefits of our B2C E-commerce solutions

  • We enable you to reach out to a local and global audience and increase your market base
  • Integrate your marketing and other business activities to reduce costs and improve functionality
  • You can offer a greater range of services online
  • Your customers can shop online anytime, from anywhere, 24X7
  • Enables customers to view your e-catalogue and other marketing collateral from their home or office
  • Streamlines your marketing processes to match the highest global standards
  • You have better communication and greater interaction with your customers
  • Create a loyal supplier base by providing them with the necessary tools for engagement and transparency
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