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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Computing

More and more companies are now migrating their applications to the cloud. Cloud hosting service companies provide the necessary hardware, software, and infrastructure that enable their customers to develop, integrate, monitor and manage their applications on secure servers and networks.

As a leading Cloud hosting solutions provider, Web Synergies prides itself in designing cloud services that are reliable, scalable and cost-effective for its customers. Our hosting solutions provide your business with the latest reliable and secure computing infrastructure, and skilled IT resources to meet the fluctuating needs of your business. Our cloud hosting solutions include both PaaS and IaaS.

With our IaaS cloud hosting solutions, you can benefit from unlimited instances of servers, storage and network resources and gain access to enterprise grade IT Infrastructure and resources that would be otherwise be prohibitively expensive.

Our PaaS cloud hosting solutions give you the tools you need to create web applications quickly, efficiently, without incurring the cost of buying and maintaining the associated software and hardware.

Our Cloud hosting solutions incorporate enterprise-class technologies and secure and dynamic cloud architectures, and provide you complete control over your managed hosting environment. We recognize the fact that the businesses keep evolving and accordingly we provide you solutions that are scalable and can react instantly to your changing needs.

Let us manage your cloud while you manage your business. As your cloud hosting services provider, we provide you the following benefits and develop solutions that meet the unique needs of your business

Private and Public Clouds Servers

Our workflow automation services include

  • Meeting all growth and scaling challenges
  • Remote/onsite assistance, if required
  • Retaining complete control over your applications and servers
  • Scaling up or down, or migrating from one technology to another, depending on the requirements of your business
  • Built-in operational resilience with 24/7 real-time monitoring, and managed backup
  • Making your technology environmentally-friendly

Take advantage of our cloud hosting solutions in order to increase your operational efficiency, reduce infrastructure and IT costs, and other related expenditure. We can deliver security, network, support and integration and 100% availability.

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