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Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking SolutionsInventory Management, supply chain and logistics are the backbone for ecommerce solution (B2B & B2C). These services are business delivery functions for any online businesses; to sustain a financial procurement organization maintain optimum inventory.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management, an evaluation of goods and services for better production, procurement and finance. In other words, Inventory management or stockage of goods adheres an economic value (an assets) for packaging, processing, transformation, resale and future consumption.

Inventory management, an asset to represent an investment; with low and overflow of inventory causes financial impact on business and effects business opportunities. A good inventory management solution can reduce organizational losses from 50% - 70%. Inventory system helps to maintain account inventory, customized reports, storage solutions, transportation and logistics. Production Plan, Market Demand & Supply, Orders Accuracy, Organized Warehouse can improve efficiency and productivity through inventory management adaptation.

At its core, Web Synergies had developed inventory management solution for ecommerce activities. Our software tools helps with Demand Management Forecasting, Sales and Operations, Production Planning, Material Requirement and Inventory Reduction. Accurate track of physical inventory, increase your control over portable assets and provide easy access to data for future investment. Reduce your costs for order fulfillment, warehousing, transportation, and material handling.

Automated Inventory Management

System benefits and features:

  • Automates inventory process with Bar Code & RFID technology
  • Tracks all portable assets with robust  check–in/check-out features
  • Offers comprehensive tracking of assets, date of purchase & sale, accumulated expense account numbers, supplier details and much more
  • Manage all logistics  through the software’s rich functionality
  • Efficiently analyses, reconciles and collaborates data for financial records – giving you complete control over your company’s assets

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