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Web Synergies offers a range of very successful scalable payroll options for enterprises of various sizes. Increasingly our customers are turning to Software as Service (SaaS) options and the Cloud as it give them the freedom to scale as required and they only pay for what they actual use. We can develop HR and Payroll systems that cater to your business requirement.

See how this Singapore company used Web Synergies to develop their highly success PayDay!, a Software as a Service (SaaS) system hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform and designed for SMEs.

Web Synergies HR and Payroll Solution

HR and Payroll Solutions Singapore

We know that it is imperative to retain and manage your employees to remain ahead of competition. It is equally important to automate your HR and Payroll processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Our solutions are designed to deliver sustainable results. Eliminate administrative and compliance issues and automate various payroll processes including attendance processing, pay back processing, loan process and year-to-date.

Statutory reports that are time consuming are built in to our HR system and are available on-demand. The CPF & IRAS Export, IR8/IR21 Report (24 months) and Year-end CPF Reconciliation Reports etc are generated on the fly.

Our solution can also automate payroll processes such as (PF) Provident Fund, (ESI) Employee State Insurance, salary statements, reimbursements, income tax etc. as well as managing your most valuable asset – your staff.

We implement solutions that allow you to train, manage and retain your talent and also minimise time spent on payroll and its associated processes. This, in turn, allows your people to focus on the core objective of growing your business revenue.

Our aim is simple – develop a set of solutions that suits your needs and delivers them to the highest standard of service and quality.

What do our HR and Payroll Solutions encompass?

eLeave Management System Leave Management System (eLeave)

Our eLeave system is a comprehensive solution for leave management that automatically calculates and generates leave entitlement based on configurable leave policies, leave type and employee grades. You can define policies such as eligibility, encashment, methods of rounding, cut-off rules, carry forward rules and more.
The system supports multiple levels of approval, proxy applications, delegation and the upload of attachments in support of leave applications. Users are able to log in to the application and apply for leave from any location and at any time. The applications are then routed to the approver for approval or rejection.

It is configurable to fit any industry environment and should your policies change it has the flexibility to alter the rules.

 e-Claims Management System e-Claims System (eClaim)

It enables your employees to submit multiple claims in a single application, automatically calculating entitlements based on user-defined variables and policies. Staff can also submit their travel claims, entitlements, reimbursements etc. via eClaim.

Online Paryoll System Singapore

We offer a range of solutions that cover the following areas

  • Payroll Processing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel management
  • Training and development
  • Online expense management
  • Employee and line manager self-service
  • Time and attendance


  • Integrated modules with single sign-on access
  • User-friendly interface and workflows
  • Easy to use reporting and analytic tools
  • An automated system for generating and sending documents and records anywhere at any time via email, file, Internet or printer
  • Streamlined flow of data from the HR module into the Payroll module
  • Automated functions to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your HR and Payroll related services, look no further. With Web Synergies, you get an effective mix of technical excellence, pragmatic design and development capabilities.

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