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Infrastructure–as-a-Service (IaaS)

 ITIS Singapore

IaaS is a technology that allows you to outsource the equipment you require to support your business operations: storage, hardware, servers and networking components. By doing so, you avoid the expense of purchasing, managing and maintaining costly infrastructure.

Reduce operating costs and promote a greener IT agenda using a virtual machine and the power of the network.

As an IT infrastructure outsourcing company, we amalgamate your IT infrastructure (computers, networks servers and storage) in a single Cloud. This helps you save your time and money.

The virtual IaaS platform can be used for:

  • Application hosting – as your business grows you will need more hardware
  • Web hosting with complete control and guaranteed uptime
  • Business server hosting within a secure environment with no datacenter costs.

 IT Infrastructure Management

By outsourcing your IT Infrastructure Management Services with us, the additional benefits include:

  • No infrastructure requirement
  • Cost-effective services
  • High availability
  • Upgrades with no downtime
  • We handle all the licensing requirements
  • No training or up-skilling of qualifications required
  • Resilient connectivity
  • Revenue without the worry of capital investment
  • We manage your backups
  • 24×7x365 service and security
  • Benefits of green IaaS technology

IT Infra Services
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