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MS Windows Azure and MS SQL Azure

Delivering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to a huge number of customers is a difficult task. To meet this requirement, Microsoft offers Windows Azure, an enterprise-grade Cloud platform.

 It allows users to develop and deliver SaaS solutions to their customers using the tools and languages that they know. For example, you can create a Microsoft Access application with forms, queries and reports, linking your Microsoft Access database to data stored in SQL Azure on the Cloud.

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Web Synergies offers you complete implementation & system Integration services for MS Windows Azure and MS SQL Azure.

By using our services, you can reduce costs, avoid the need to purchase hardware and software licenses or find a place to store and maintain your servers.

Benefits of MS Windows Azure and MS SQL Azure

With Web Synergies’ Cloud computing services and Microsoft Azure and MS SQL Azure as your SaaS application platform, you will be able to:

Windows Azure
  • Innovate and quickly respond to the changing market trends
  • Build SaaS applications with data and services from the Windows Azure Marketplace
  • Grow your business by reducing the costs of finding and billing new clients
  • Scale your applications so they remain reliable, flexible, resilient and affordable
  • Expand your business to a global scale with built-in commerce capabilities
  • Take advantage of a world-class database using SQL Azure with its rich business intelligence capabilities
  • Generate and upload data and files directly from Access, Excel, and .NET applications

We offer complete implementation & system Integration services for MS Windows Azure and MS SQL Azure to small, mid-sized and large organizations.

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