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Test Lab Management System

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We offer a holistic test lab management solution for efficient and streamlined management of all your network lab-testing activities.

Our solution automates all functions, systems and processes within the test lab enabling your teams to optimise their performance and save time.

It’s a complete software solution covering pre-and-post data entry, the configuration and running of tests, performing the necessary calculations, and generating reports according to regulatory standards.

It’s versatile

The test lab management systems and its data infrastructure enable engineers to conduct prescribed regulatory tests and perform customized procedures within a single, flexible working environment.

The System Benefits:

  • customized for specific test applications
  • Accelerates production of data results
  • Architecture allows for data sharing within the organizations
  • An exhaustive library of global emissions and other regulations
  • Fully customisable and configurable to suit needs of the organization
  • Increases your lab utilization and performance
  • Ample report generation templates and layouts
  • Tools to automate calculations and operations
  • Maintain your team's independence while ensuring smooth sharing of data.

Our test management lab systems can perform the following functions:

  • Store all test and configuration data within a centralized repository
  • Local and remote testing processes
  • Input and extract data from archives
  • Perform all test cycle validations
  • Generate standard and ad-hoc test reports
  • Tag devices with user-defined parameters for quick search and location
  • Integrate custom devices to the resource pool
  • Track all device usage and resource availability
  • Tools for robust and intuitive conflict resolution
  • Applications to eliminate overlapping reservations and test breaks
  • Tools for informed decision-making about equipment purchases or replacement
Microsoft Test and Lab Manager

We can provide an innovative solution that will add value to your organization, exceed all your customers’ expectations, speed up your market time, minimise business risk, reduce equipment and operations costs.

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