iChurch (Church Management System)

Building Trust, Restoring Faith.
Measure your true impact on the communities you serve with iChurch. Web Synergies’ iChurch management software is a complete and comprehensive digital solution that empowers people, processes and systems for all activities related to the church work.

The comprehensive and seamless technology unifies critical data and core management tools in one place, enabling users to engage, serve, connect and build their community more effectively.

Key Features

  • iChurch portal for members that gives you robust insights into your overall involvement, impact and growth
  • Data maintenance and management tools for administrators with integrated systems and processes
  • Mission tour – tools for the secure management of events
  • Streamlined operations online
  • Designed to foster collaboration
  • Improves member communications
  • Gives you tools to measure attendance and outreach
  • An integrated accounting suite
  • An online events and program calendar
  • A facilities scheduler
  • The ability to find and participate with member groups online
  • Record your volunteer services
  • Connect with visitors and members, anytime, anywhere
  • Donation management
  • Cell group management
  • HR & leave management
  • Sermons management

We are committed to ensuring that our iChurch management software fulfils all of your requirements. We also provide support services to train your professionals to get the software up and running.